Static Charging Generator 30kV.

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Static Charging Generator is appropriate for high voltage applications and for powered bars. The unit's output voltage and protection current value are digitally set by using front panel. The output voltage can be set between 0kV-40kV and as to current it is between 0 - 4mA. The power supply includes remote on/off and remote voltage adjustment settings and also can produce both positive and negative charges.

Static Generator provides convenience in its using. It is easy to install. The front panel turning to 180° was made to archive the easement in use. Static Generator is fitted out of digital output setting and 4xHV output to utilize the high voltage applications and charging bar.

General Specifications
Easy to install / Digital output setting / Rotating front panel by 180° / 4 x HV output

In mould labelling (IML) / Bags on roll / DVD manufacture / Board laminating / Compensating stackers / Film winding to roll cores / Flat bag with gusset / Multi sheet feeders / Side weld bag handles / Shrink wrapping / Electrostatic bonding

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: HV.apparatus, power cable
: 0-60'C
: 0-30kV DC.
: %1 maksimum çıkış gerilimi ve yükte
: 50/60Hz.
: 180V-240VAC / Optionel 110VAC
: 4xHV Output, 1xI/O Sub-D 25
: Short Circuit Current Adjust
: 5 mA
: 150 Watt
: 210 Watt
: 3 DCYK2 03 N0D5 - 3 DCYK2 03 P0D5
: N=Negatif / P=Pozitif
: %0,5 output Voltage at .max.load
: CE
: 3.15 AT
: IEC-320 Eurupe Type
: 0V=Off 12-24V=On -OFF Contr0Volu 0-10V DC 0-20Kv çıkış gerilimi kontrolü cihazın hata durumunu bildiren optokupler çıkışı
: 7,4 kg