Ion Circle Anti static elminator

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Ionization Chamber are manufactured with the cutomized design of anti-static bars, especially designed for the static elimination of flowing particle materials. In Industry raw material can mostly not be used only itself, it is generally mixed with various additives and masterbatch. If additives and materials are statically at opposite polarity, there will be not much problem. On the other hand, if charged with same polarity, this will lead various problems.As known, opposite poles repel each other, while same poles attract. This will result in inappropriate mixture leading into undesired problems such as inhomogenous mixture, unqualified product, color differences, local color deviations. In some cases, paint particles stick onto sides of the container. This prevents the paint to be appropriately mixed with the main material. While the mixture is transferred by vacuum, paint sticks on the sides of the silo. Accordingly the desired color spectrum cannot be matched.

By the help of the ionization chambers developed by Puls Electronic, static ionization chamber eliminators neutralize the static charges inside the mixture of raw and paint material so that there will be no sticking on the sides of the container. As raw material and paint does not repel each other, the mixture gives perfect result. Set up of ionization chamber is easy and practical. It is generally applied at the exit of the masterbatch lines or dosing containers. It offers high performance and cost effective solution, as well as, can be quickly delivered being helpful for the industry. As well as, after sales service is available.

This product has a higher version model that is including creation of air curtain.



Cereals Warehouses such as wheat, barley. Wheat Packaging, Recycling Smashing Lines, Powder Food, Wood Chips and similar areas without any problem.


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: 7500VAC.
: Max. %60 RH
: 55 C
: 20mmX350X350mm.
: 200X200mm.
: CE
: 100 MOH> insulation Resistance
: less than 5 mA
: 3 KİT75 04 00XX