Anti Static Ionizer Nozzle with Acrobat Foot

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Antistatic air nozzles are designed for static elimination of small points thanks to its acrobat feet which can be adjusted according to every angle. Processes such as static elimination of deep cups, bottles, tube ends can be mentioned as example. Air is distibuted until the deepest end. Accordingly undesired dust particles are removed from the environment by means of the compressed air. Thanks to its high performance air nozzle provides quick static elimination. Static control nozzle ionizes the air by means of the created electrical arc to plus and minus ions. Ionized molecules are transported to farer distances with the help of the air nozzles. Any ion carrying its own charge neutralizes the opposite charge. Meanwhile electrical shockings, explosions, fire and collection of dust will be prevented.

Static Control Nozzles provide reliably long time performance and do not require any additional calibration and cleaning. Pins are capacitively connected to high voltage so that not giving harm to human health. Air which will be applied from compressor to system shall be dry. It has a simple and ergonomic working mechanism.

General Featurues
Easy Assembly / Quick Discharge / Small and Compact / Low Price /Adjustable to every angle/Low Air consumption

In Mould Labelling / Optical / Automtive Parts Production / Offset Printing / Printing / Plastic Sheet / Elektronical Parts / Cleaning before paint /Furniture / Packaging




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: PULS Model: 3 GKA75 01 0001 7.5 k VAC
: %70RH
: 0-60 ºC
: 500mm.
: 50/60 Hz
: CE
: Max: 6 bar.
: PVC Body
: 3 NZK/Y02 0025
: Stenstel 304 emiter pin Pvc badi
Model : 3 N
: Puls POWER SUPPLY Model 3 GKA75 01 0001