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Puls Perforation Detector is used to detect perforation on any material in packaging industry. Especially it is useful in bag making machinery to count the bag numbers by detecting and reporting the perforation. Its detection capacity is 900 pcs/min. Output voltage can be adjusted between 6kV-21 kV by rotating and fixing the knob on the front panel. The leds on the front panel show the high voltage level. If perforation is detected, the count led flashes. The high voltage bar or probe with one emitter pin is connected to the output of the equipment and it is mounted above the web moving on grounded surface. If a spark occurs from the high voltage bar to the earth via perforation, detector will report it by a 30 msn opto coupler pulse output.

General Specifications
Easy to install / Long life / Low cost

Counting at bag making machine / Capillary leak detection in plastic tubes / Hole detection on silt thermophore / Hole detection on plastic cups and bottles / Leak detection on plastic materials

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: Dimension -110mm x 316cm x 218cm
: Ambient Temperature -0..+40ºC
: Output Voltage - 6-21 kV DC
: 30ms darbe opto coupler Kollektör-emiter voltajı 50V DC Anahtarlama Akımı (IC) 125mA
: Detector Freguency - 15 Hz. max.
: 1xHV Output 1xI/O Sub-D 25Pin
: Input Freguency- 50 / 60Hz
: Input Voltage -220V-230V/110V AC
: Max.Output Current - 1mA
: MAX. Input Power - 20 Watt
: 3 PD1 01 S020 SERIEL
: Max.%70RH
: Fuse -315mA
: IEC-320 European Type
: Detection capacity -900 pcs/min
: Effective Distance- 10mm-30mm
: Ambient Temperature -0..+40C
: Weight - 4.5kg