Anti static ionizing bar

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Due to high technologically design used in Anti static eliminator bar it became possible to produce more efficient results to solve the static electric troubles, even in high-speed applications. Anti static ioniser bar do not need any calibration and can be cleaned and cared easily. It was designed to neutralize destructive static charges during manufacturing. Using Anti static eliminator  will supply machines to perform hygienic, safe and qualitative production. Anti static elimination bar can be designed in different lengths to satisfy the requirements of needs of application.

Anti static ionizer bar separates the air molecules to positive and negative ions. Due to principle of work of anti static eliminator  the neutralization of material became possible. It attracts in effective range the opposite charged ions of any statically charged product. That hinders the sticking of products to each other or to parts of machine. In addition, such electrical dangers as current striking, explosion, fire, dust attraction will be also prevented. Anti static bar does not need any calibration and because of being simple in care enhances the quality, safety, hygiene of machine and provides its longer life. 

Anti static ionizer bar is connected to high voltage resistively. There by its emitter pins even if they are touched will not affect by electrical current. It can be installed in restricted places. According to application it can be produced in different length.

General Specification
Easy to install / High performance / Safety / Long life

Coating / Laminating / Plastic bag / Sheeting / Slitting / Rewind / Form fill seal / Stretch wrapping / Wrapping machines / Paper production / Blown film, cast film / Extrusion, flexo sheet / Inkjet, laser / Folding

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: 25x37 mm.profile max.Lenght 4000 mm.
: Ambient Humidity- Maks. 70 % RH
: Operating Distance- 20~100mm.
: Input Voltage - 7.5 kV. AC.
: Effective Distance - 150 mm. max
: Output Current <1.25mA'/mt.
: assembly apparatus.
: pozitif,negatif 50/60 Hz.
: Approval - CE
: Lenght - 100mm to 4000mm
: Constuction - Alu or PVC
: Emmiter Pins - Stainless 304
: Puls Power Supply Model KDA75 01-02
: Ambient Humidity - 0-60C
: Insulation Resistence - 100 MOHM. >
: Cable Length - 2.5 mt. HV Cable
: Weight - 0.974 Kg/m
: Input Voltage - 7500 VAC. <5mA