Anti Static Power Supply-GK75/02

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GKA75 Series

Puls GKA75 is a power unit working along with antistatic elimininators,neutralizing,ionizers and similar ionising equipment.Basically can be considered as power source necessary for active ionization equipment. Easy set up and operation, no need for additional  maintenance. More than one antistatic eliminator can be operated  so that the total length of the antistatic bars not exceeding 4 meters. There is a protection card on Puls Power Unit to provide system safety during active operation. This protection card cuts the circuit by ceasing further current to system in case high voltage cable connected to ionization equipment or ionizer is short circuited. In this case, the safety of the transformer inside the power unit as well as longer  operation life is provided. Also in terms of the safety of mains additional protective measures such as galvanic isolation and magnetic curent limitation are available. Outer Body is manufactured of metal material and grounded, accordingly it does not generate electromagnetic  emission.


Antistatic ionizing air blowers, static eliminator bars, antistatic bars, all types of eliminators suitable to output voltage  preventing static electricity such as eliminators, static bars, static eliminators, static ionizers, ionizing equipment, antistatic air guns.

General Characteristics
Easy to Assemble / High Performance/ Reliable/ Long Life


Coating/Lamination/Plastic Bag/ Sheet Drawing / Slicing/ winding/ Unwinding/ Stretch/ Folding Machinery/ Paper Mill/ Blowing/ Film Drawing/ Extrusion/ Flexo Printing/ Inkjet Printing/ Laser Printing/ ESA Printing Technology/ Styrofoam Lines/ Granule-Masterbatch lines, etc.

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: IEC-320 Avrupa Tipi
: 7.5 k VAC
: 128 x 267 x 105 mm (en x boy x yüksekliği)
: 50/60 Hz
: 220-230V AC / OPSİYONEL 110V AC
: 35W
: CE
: <5 mA
: 3 GKA75 02 0002
: Max: 70%RH
: CE
: 160 m AT/A
: IEC-320 Europe Type
: 0 - 50ºC
: 2 mt.
: 3.4 Kg