Static Aplications for Printing Press Machines

Static Elimination at Printing Machines

As soon as the roll-wrapped plastic film starts to unwind in the printing presses, static electricity begins to be charged, and when the friction on the rolls is added, high static charge will be observed on the film surface. Static charges on the surface are drifted to the right and left on the line, dust particles entering into the static electric field effect the surface to decrease the print quality, the operator is exposed to electrical shocks, the electronical equipment of the machine may be damaged and most importantly the static electricity may be causing shocking effect to the surrounding and it may also lead into serious problems such as severe explosions.

PULS Antistatic bars will allow the film to enter clean and static electricity free when applied to the exit of the solvent unit bidirectionally as seen in the figure. Two anti-static bars placed at the entrance of the winder unit will be helpful to avoid static charges where it is generated.