About- Us

PULS Electronic Systems laid in 2002 the foundations of its success story in the field of industry with the motto "We know the Load on you, beause we can measure it". Our company based in Turkey, presents to the service of its customers the electronical and electromechanical products required in the machine industry and manufactured by our firm from an innovative perspective and with continously developing knowledge accumulation. Puls has gained a well established place in the world market since 2002 with a product range developed as a result of the continous investment in R&D Studies. In addition to the firsts developed in the weighing industry (Crane Scale, Checkweigher with 100 mg accuracy), it has become the pioneer of the innovations such as 20-120kV Static Charger, Web-Cleaner. Starting out the production life with several model load cells and weighing indicators, Puls Elektronik has adopted continous development as the principle with over 200 product types currently held in 3 main activity fields (Weighing Systems, Static solutions, Silo Equipments) and takes pride in exporting to 86 countries having dealership structure in more than 28 countries. Puls Electronic Systems is at your service in 7 continents with its distinctive products that is continously developed through its innovative and customer-oriented structure, R&D power, the experience it has gained and knowledge accumulated. 


We have been giving engineering and supervision service in the field of weighing which is our field of expertize. Additionally, special automation solutions can be mentioned within our engineering services. Moreover, we have been providing our clients with special consultancy services for the antistatic product categories. Especially our high voltage power supplies manufactured for the purpose of nano technology can be mentioned in this respect.